Be Right Here bookmarks on sale!

Grab these while they're still here! These striking, beaded bookmarks make great all-occasion gifts: stock up now for gift-giving all spring. Tuck one in a gift book, or give one in its beautiful gift box. 

Find them on the Be Right Here page, now only $4.00 each.

wishing you a spring filled with gratitude

new manifestation bowls are stunning!

we have reimagined our manifestation bowl, and the result is such a beautiful bowl we have to share pictures and the story.

our potter lives in northern utah, and has been throwing bowls for us for almost ten years now. his work is that of an artist, and we are extremely proud to sell his bowls. 

the new manifestation set comes in two different color themes (you'll notice the bowl pictured on the actual product listing is even more blue: the bowls do vary as a result of the firing process):  a blue-green, and a green-crystal. they are charged with a healing, reiki energy, and work as powerful receptacles for representations of what you are bringing into your life.  find them on the "manifestation bowls" tab.                                                                

summer wedding? give a blessings bowl

what better beginning for a new union?  blessings bowls are a beautiful way to honor relationships. our classic polished aluminum, stoneware, or glass sets are perfect for celebrating couples.

our gathering bowl can replace a guest book ~ offering all guests the opportunity to write a special wish or blessing for the new couple ~ or can be used in addition to a guest book. the scrolled reminders of the event, resting in an elegant polished aluminum bowl, becomes a conversation piece, a keepsake, and a way to relive the celebration.

What is a Blessings Bowl®?

A beautiful bowl—polished aluminum, crackled glass, or hand-thrown stoneware—that holds written acknowledgment of the blessings in your life. The most meaningful gift you’ll ever receive, the Blessings Bowl is a gift of gratitude, a way to connect with our spirituality, a customized gift that celebrates life’s blessings.

What is in the Blessings Bowl® gift set?

Elegant paper and pen, rich ribbon and poetry, a handmade bowl, a distinguished box with ribbon closure, and the opportunity to touch someone else’s life. Instructions guide you gently through the process of creating your gift, and set you on the path of spreading gratitude and awareness of the richness of our interconnected lives.

How does it work?

The Blessings Bowl® set allows you, the gift-giver, to personalize a paper scroll describing how the recipient has somehow touched your life. Poetry encourages the recipient to add their own scrolls to the bowl, documenting ways they believe they are blessed. The end result: a beautiful bowl full of reminders of the richness of their life.

Browse our Blessings Bowls ®, Healing Bowls, Gathering Bowl and Manifestation Bowl.

holiday season brings gratitude

let us, this season, again be grateful for the richness of our lives.  here at alchemy IV we are grateful for good friends, adventures, warm homes, love, connections with others, and of course, the opportunity to express our gratitude.

may you have a love-filled holiday season, and may you find love every place you seek it out.

our best to you!

gratitude is always welcome!

gift-giving trends come and go, from wine to candles to handmade soaps, but gratitude is a gift that never goes out of style.

Blessings Bowls have now celebrated gratitude for over 12 years, and have given tens of thousands of people the opportunity to express their gratitude to someone important to them.

be a part of our tradition: celebrate gratitude this year.


the season of thanks

here we are, solidly in the midst of the season of gratitude:  one of our favorite times of year.  every day we find numerous things to be grateful for, and wish the same for you.
our products spread gratitude, and the tens of thousands of blessings bowls out there remind us that we can make a difference--each one of us--one hug, one smile, one thought, one action at a time.
have a blessed, grateful holiday season this year.

what's new this summer!

 it is full-on summer here, with plenty birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and births to celebrate!  

we have the perfect gifts for all of these important occasions:  visit our Blessings Bowls page.

check out our newest item---perfect for the females in your life---the Male Box.  you'll want one for yourself, and for every female friend you have!  you'll love the concept, and the price.   it has it's own tab at the top on the navigation bar.

NOW HERE! an item we absolutely adore, the Soul Bowl.

available in two different versions, the Soul Sister Bowl and the Soul Mate Bowl:  you'll love these and probably be able to think of a handful of people you could give them to . . . at a retail of $15, you can afford to!  

here's a sneak peak:  you can find these under the "blessings bowl" tab on the navigation bar.


 we wish for your a verdant spring, full of life, vitality, love, and blessings.

and if these things are not coming your way, try sending them outward, into the world, and see what comes back in return.


warm wishes

 we here at alchemy IV hope your holidays have been warm and wonderful . . . and that the sun has shown on you at least once or twice.  may your 2012 begin peacefully, and continue in the same vein.


holiday 2011

 here we go!  are you ready?

planning ahead to avoid excess shipping fees is the smart way to go.

check out our specials  .  .  . FREE STANDARD SHIPPING and great prices on our HOLIDAY and PETITE LOVE sets.  NOW THROUGH December 16!

Graduation Gifts!

 Check out our Be Right Here page for great graduation gifts for the females in your life .  .  .  

more gratitude

 thank you for the great response to our storewide sale . . .

and may spring bring joy and happiness to you all.

check back for specials each month and thank you for being aware enough to acknowledge your own blessings.  each time each of us does this, it affects us all.

spring forward!

 it's just about here, whether your weather is telling you this or not:  spring is just a few days away.  we had a foot of snow dumped on us three days ago, and this morning yellow and purple crocuses are springing up all throughout our yard .  .  . we will not be defeated, will we? 

we're taking it as a sign that recovery is in progress everywhere, it's time to spring forward into a happier time, and to quote the title of our new favorite song by Florence and the Machine, the Dog Days are Over.

go celebrate!

look for our Ides of March celebration special coming up next week .  .  .


 each new year brings experiences, hopes, dreams, responsibilities, tasks, and events to all of us.  some years include milestones, some simply mile markers.  and while milestones can be rewarding, emotional, or simply fun, the mile markers--while tamer--are just as important. 

one great gift we can give ourselves is to acknowledge our progress in life, acknowledge where we've been and how far we've come, acknowledge what we've learned and what we've taught others. 

what we love about our line is that our gifts are perfect for milestones, mile markers, and everyday miracles.  because what matters most is not so much the gift (though ours are beautiful and elegantly packaged) but the thoughts, hopes, dreams, and love that you add and send along with the gift.

make your gifts meaningful this year:  whether they are from our line or not, be sure to include your gratitude and love.

less to complain about

being grateful fills you with warmth and peace:  it's a great way to be.

and here's a link to a great article in the Wall Street Journal about being grateful:  may you find something meaningful in it.

less to complain about 

and may you find peace this holiday season, whether it be in small moments or in great big chunks of time.

gratitude for fall

 we have moved into fall, and are feeling great gratitude for the changing seasons.  nights are cooling off beautifully, and our days are still filled with sunshine.  soon cold will come and snow will fall, but we luckily have this period of transition to say goodbye to heat and prepare ourselves for the coming frost.  we are grateful to live in utah, in a beautiful place with four true seasons.

we hope that wherever you live, you're able to glory in this beautiful season while awaiting what will come next.

gifts of gratitude

we've been grateful to be shipping orders out to all parts of the country this past week:  kirkwood, MO, salado, TX, Montgomery, TX, mequon, WI, marlton, NJ and windsor, CO, and fort lauderdale, FL  just to name a few.  we love knowing that so many of you all across the country understand our concept, appreciate our presentation, and are drawn to give our gifts to others.

may your day today be full of gratitude and belief in the power that comes from gratitude.   


 for the past few weeks I've been recovering from a bike crash where I broke my clavicle and a few ribs and chipped my acromion (that's a shoulder to you and me).  it has all gone remarkably well, and I am back on my bike and able to do most everything again.  I now have a titanium plate holding my clavicle together, which has eased the recovery and sped it up as well.  

I have learned many things in the course of my accident and subsequent recovery process, the most important being this:  I am surrounded by supportive, loving people who are kind, generous, thoughtful, and incredibly giving.  I believe that most of us rise to any occasion, and given the opportunity to shine, will shine brightly and indefinitely.

I am grateful for all the well-wishes, the help, the support, and the good vibes out there that have helped me through this experience, and I hope that you all are surrounded by as many deeply loving people as I am.

and if you are, and need a little bit of help expressing your gratitude, we have many items that will help you do so .  .  .  have fun looking!

june 14th update

our last orders have shipped out to massachusetts, texas, washington, wisconsin, oklahoma . . . little seeds of gratitude are being planted all over.  what we find is that when someone receives a blessings bowl, they discover a desire to give one to someone else.  it's like the infectious smile:  when we are appreciated we're more likely to give appreciation to others.

retailers:  our new catalog in on press and just about ready for distribution.  look for it in your mailboxes soon!


calling it “shipping” is obviously a holdover from a past era: we have never “shipped” an order to anyone here in the united states. we should say we’re “trucking” orders out to people, shouldn’t we?
so far this week, we’ve trucked orders out to Maryland, Minnesota, Nevada, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New York, Texas, Florida, and Connecticut, and are thrilled to think that our sets are touching lives throughout the country.
we sell to a great store in Spring, Texas, called Maggies. we’ve been selling to them for over six years now, and they are a great group of people. Maggies placed their first order with us after one of their employees received a Blessings Bowl as a gift from a friend: this is our very best advertising, word of mouth.
thanks for all the good things you have to say about our products, we appreciate it!

on gratitude

frequently we hear from our retailers about the customers who purchase our sets. the other day we received a call from Original Souls in Ellicott City, Maryland, telling us of a customer who needed a gift for a friend who had just lost a child: she chose to give one of our Healing Bowls, complete with a glass heart touchstone, words of strength, and a repository for reminders of the special soul who is no longer here with us all.
though many of our gift sets are designed to celebrate joyful occasions, at the core of every set is a sense of gratitude and recognition of the power of our emotions. our sets help people to acknowledge transitions, unions, new life, love, milestones, and even the loss of life and challenging times. recognition of transitions and growth is a powerful gift.
we are honored to be included in these acknowledgments, and are deeply grateful to be touching lives across the nation as we are.


The Manifestation Bowl


Earthen Healing Bowl

sold out!


mini heart bowl